Sunday, December 14, 2008

Closures are out of Java 7

Well it appears we will are going to have longer to wait for Closures in Java.

A status of Java 7 was given at Devoxx. Hamlet D’Arcy has a good summary here.

As mentioned, it seems that Closures are out. Personally I am a huge fan of closures and would love to be able to use them instead of the ugly, anonymous interface , pretend-its-almost-as-good workarounds one has to do in Java today. But even I have to admit that I understand the dangers and the downside in adding Closures to the language (see Generics)

JSR 294 (Modularization) is in. We will need to wait and see how close that ends up to OSGi or not.

The other interesting tidbit was the current time frame for Java 7 is Q1 2010.

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